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Use pay per click to reach the right customer

The most popular form of pay per click (PPC) marketing is Adwords, Google’s advertising programme. The main use of Adwords is to display text ads on Google’s search results pages – you can also run other types of ads; images, videos, and banners on Google and Google’s Display Network (GDN). There is much debate about the value of PPC advertising vs SEO. In our opinion both have a role to play for any small business who is serious about using digital marketing to reach more customers.

ADMAN is a Google certified Adwords & PPC agency. We always recommend you use a certified agency. We often take over accounts from clients who have created campaigns themselves. Unless you have in-house expertise it is very easy to waste money on Adwords. Campaigns might not be set up or tracked properly. Our goal is to create Adwords campaigns that can quickly demonstrate a return on your investment. If they don’t we will be the first to recommend you stop.

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