New mapping and planning tool for Architects

If you are a regular reader of my ADMAN blogs, and I’m sure you are, you might have been wondering what I’ve been up to over the last few months.

Unfortunately I’ve not been sunning myself in the South of France, nor improving my handicap on Brighton’s finest fairways. Actually there has been a teeny bit of the latter, but mainly I have been putting the hours in on a range of interesting new projects.

There’s been the new website for Green Route Energy, a change in marketing focus for Pisani Designs, and new website planning for Owen Pine & Oak. But for this blog, the big news has to be the marketing launch of new mapping tool for Architects, .MAP by GroundSure.

As the name suggests .MAP by GroundSure is a new tool from leading environmental intelligence provider GroundSure, yet another Brighton company that is rapidly on the rise. I have been working on the marketing in tandem with the GroundSure team, and designers, Studio Lovelock who have created a unique brand identity to help .MAP by GroundSure stand out from the competition in the mapping market.

Before I get into the details you might want to check out this excellent short video which tells you what it’s all about.

Social media is a key channel for the launch and we are using a number of incentives to encourage people to register and share .MAP by GroundSure with their networks.

There is also a sophisticated email flow in process with different messages to different user groups depending on their profile and stage in the buying cycle. Marketing is further supported with SEO, Google Adwords and PPC advertising on relevant social networks.

If you are in the market for ordnance survey maps, site plans or planning reports I thoroughly recommend you give it a try now. There’s 25% off your first order.

And if you would like to apply some of these techniques to your own marketing activity, please get in touch with Nick.

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