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As ADMAN has quite a few clients involved in B2B marketing I thought I would share 8 tips I have learnt on how to use Linkedin to market to potential business customers. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert so feel free to comment and share other tips…

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Find new clients on Linkedin

1. Choose a linkedin lead

Like any social media channel, the more you put in the more you get out. Find someone in your team who is willing to lead on linkedin communication. Ideally this should be someone in the sales team.

2. Update your profile

Make sure the profile of whoever leads on linkedin for your company is up to date and includes links to your website, company linkedin page and all other social media channels. They should also make the most of endorsements so they are recognised as an expert in the field.

3. Create and update your company linkedin page.

This should be rich in content and ideally use the functionality that exists to try and data capture new leads.

4. Use the ‘People you may know’ section to connect with prospects

The ‘People you may know’ section allows you to connect with people with out knowing them. I would suggest you use this to connect with people who are likely clients for your business. In ADMAN’s case this is Brighton and Sussex business owners, marketing managers and marketing directors. The more relevant people you connect with the more relevant people come into this section. But be wary of this tool as you don’t want to be seen by linkedin as spamming people with invites.

5. Link in with all your existing clients and prospects

Ideally as soon as you make contact. Once this is complete this will be very useful as if you don’t have a great database you can use linkedin to analyse the profiles of clients by elements such as job titles, locations, industries, sex, etc.

6. Search and identify the key linkedin groups where your potential customers might be interacting on linkedin.

Monitor each group and provide helpful comments on items you are knowledgeable. Only self-promote (with a link to your website) if it seems appropriate – in our case it might be a response to someone looking for an advertising agency recommendation. Try to do this 2-3 times a week.

7. Post weekly updates

Mainly business related but a bit of fun too – but make sure its good.

8. Test linked premium to see if it can work for you.

Linkedin often sends free trial emails. The most useful aspect is inmail as it allows you to send targeted emails to prospects. Compile a target list of clients and then use search and inmail to talk to the most likely people responsible in that company (and then talk with them to confirm the likely decision makers if it’s not them and connect with them to).

Hope these tips are useful, please comment with your thoughts too….


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